hi! my name is Ārdeō! i also go by Gaius (or other kin names!). you may know me from being one of 5 triumvirate stans, from my impeccable music taste when it comes to embedding songs on my tumblr themes, or from being a total bitch to adults who sexualize children.
if anyone wants to start drama with me, they're welcome to, as long as they understand that i am incredibly suicidal and will kill us both ❤️
on to the actual about. i use it/its pronouns exclusively. you will use it/its when referring to me or you won't refer to me at all. i may give specific people permission to use auxiliary pronouns for me, but this is incredibly rare. i am a (t4t) gay nonbinary man, and am transmisogyny exempt. i'm also white, usamerican, and mentally ill (though i'm not divulging anything more specific than that!). i was born in 2001 and am currently 19 years old. also if any hot trans ppl are reading this i'm a cancer venus, so... ❤️